Blog: Grooming Tips

A Black and Tan Terrier laying on the couch with sunlight hitting her face.

Guide To Cutting Your Dog’s Nails

There can be trepidation when it comes to clipping your dog’s nails. Especially if they’re young and you’re attempting to...

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golden dog on blue cushion

How To Keep Your Dog Salon Fresh Between Appointments

Cuddling up to your pet at the end of a long day is made all the better once they’ve been...

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photo of a dog being brushed

The Right Way To Brush Your Pup

For your dog’s long term health and comfort, regular grooming is so important. Maintaining your dog’s fur at home between...

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a photo of a golden retriever getting a bath

The Dangers of Matting and How To Avoid It 

At times, owners don’t realize the seriousness of taking care of a pet’s fur. Sure, their gleaming coat has been...

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a brown and white dog with floppy ears smiling at the camera

Doggie Dental: Why Caring for Your Dog’s Teeth Is Essential

We all love our pups and while many of us differ if we love their kisses, we are certainly cuddling...

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a photo of a brown chow chow dog standing on a sidewalk

Got a Big Shedder? What to Expect This Summer

Your new reusable lint roller is already close to breaking because you’re using it so much. Between the fur on...

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