How to Keep Your Dog Safe From the Heat on Walks This Summer

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a fluffy white dog on a leash walking with their owner.

Oh it’s 80 degrees! Time for a walk. It’s hot, but the sun is shining. Not hot enough to bake an egg on the sidewalk, but it’s definitely nice out. 

While it might be nice for you and me, our pups could be feeling hot under the collar. 

Remember the breed of your dog and their size can impact how well they can handle hotter temperatures. When temperatures are higher than 68 degrees fahrenheit, taking precautions is necessary. Dogs with health issues, flatter-faced dogs like french bulldogs, larger or obese, are more susceptible to the heat. Also, young puppies who are experiencing heat for the first time are vulnerable. They might be just as rambunctious and then their energy could suddenly drop. Why? Because it’s too dog-gone hot. 

What you can do to keep your dog safe:

1. Go When the Temperature Is at Its Lowest

This could throw your dog off, but walking in the early morning or late in the evening is recommended to avoid the temperature being unbearable. As you know though, mosquitos are more active during dawn and dusk. So don’t forget your bug spray. 

2. Test the Ground

Before heading out with your pup, make sure to test the ground. Place your hand against the ground to test the temperature of the sidewalk. While you have your sneakers or shoes protecting the sensitive skin on the bottom of your feet, your dog doesn’t. Their delicate paws might burn with each step, and who wants to experience that? Certainly not you or your pup. 

While you’d love to take your dog out early in the morning, you may have the ability to change your schedule or even your pup is a bit stubborn and won’t go to the bathroom outside of their normal time frame. 

If that’s the case, you could purchase a pair of WagWellies® for your furry best friend. These shoes are breathable, and will protect your puppy’s paws on a hot walk, or walking through a muddy, rainy afternoon. 

3. Shorten the Walk

Shortening the walk? Oh we know! We love walking with your pup too, but sometimes for safety reasons it’s not good for either pup or person to be outside in extreme heat. While you might be okay and can recognize how heat-fatigued you’re feeling, your pup may not show immediate signs of feeling the heat until they’re noticeably ill like becoming overheated or even suffering a heat stroke. 

To lessen the risk, shortening the walk and heading home to sit in front of the fan is highly recommended. 

4. Keep Hydrated

Water, water, water. Sometimes we forget how important it is to keep ourselves hydrated, but when we have an excited pup who loves to attempt to run around and play even in the heat, it’s important to keep them hydrated. 

Here are two items for on the go that will help you with just that:

We hope you and your pup stay safe as the heat continues on.