How To Keep Your Dog Salon Fresh Between Appointments

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golden dog on blue cushion

Cuddling up to your pet at the end of a long day is made all the better once they’ve been to the dog spa. Their coat is shiny and smells wonderful. Even their breath isn’t as icky after adding the dental cleaning to their spa day. It is so amazing! 

Then a few weeks and one rainy walk later – your dog is smelling way more than you’d like for your furry friend who likes to hop on your bed. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could bring them to the dog spa every day? Who can add that to your already busy schedule?

But you can keep them smelling fresh between appointments! It will take setting aside some time, having the proper tools, and some patience – but you can do it!

Get Into Routine

Everyday you get up and brush your teeth, wash your face, and start your day. We all have our routines in place to make our days go by smoothly. And just like your pup has a routine and waits by the door for walkies, it’s also good to continue adding to the routine for grooming. 

Depending on the length of your dog’s hair, you will want to make sure you’re brushing their fur frequently. For dog’s with thick, heavy coats  you’ll want to brush them to avoid excess shedding around the house, but also to keep their coats healthy. Brushing has many benefits such as stimulating your pet’s skin and promoting their circulation. This is a perfect time to also inspect your pet for any abnormal lumps. And if you both are the outdoorsy type, you want to always be checking for ticks, fleas, or others trying to ride pet’s coat tails. 

Pick Your Supplies

While it might be tough to have your pet sit still at first for brushing, getting them into a routine and not signaling to them that it’s play time will help them settle down. Eventually they’ll even expect and look forward to their brushing. 

You’ll want to pick a dry shampoo that you like the scent of and is hypoallergenic. This will help keep your pet’s coat smelling and feeling nice. Also for their health minimizing their chances of developing knots and mats in their coat in areas you may not normally be petting. 

At the end, you can give them a treat that’s designed to clean their teeth. While you can brush their teeth, it can be a struggle. If you’re not up to it, using a treat made for their dental needs will help them long-term and between visits to the dog spa with the dental add-on. 

The other thing to keep an eye out for are your pet’s nails. Well, you might already be feeling the accidental scratches that happen when your pet jumps up in excitement. Again, depending on the breed of dog, they may have nails that grow faster than expected. Not sure how to cut your dog’s nails? Read all about it in our guide to nails blog post.