One of Boston’s Best Dog Dining Spots: Petit Robert Bistro

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Photo of the patio in front of Petit Robert Bistro

Petit Robert Bistro, South End

Spoiler alert: Petit Robert is one of Satchel’s go-to spots, especially when the weather is beautiful and he can stretch out under (and around) the table, occasionally creating an obstruction for passers-by and wait staff. Since this is the epitome of a neighborhood café, it is not unusual to run into familiar faces and snouts if you live in the South End or nearby.

exterior photo of Petit Robert Bistro. People are relaxing on a busy patio.

Plus, being right on Columbus Avenue, there is a fair amount of foot/paw traffic. While we love to see friendly faces walk by, it could create a lot of distractions for a dog. This could cause a large dog, say, Satchel’s size, to abruptly jump up, bringing table, place settings, and delicious viennoiserie basket crashing to the sidewalk.  I’m pleased to report that in the many times that Satch has eaten there, this has never actually happened.  But there have been many. many, close calls. That’s why having your own set of distractions on hand like say…these Bonne et Filou macarons made for your dog are great to bring along. Not only will it be on theme for your brunch on Petit Robert’s patio, but there certainly won’t be any leaping with this treat under their nose.

There are few things more sublime than eating al fresco on a gorgeous New England summer evening, and Petit Robert is the perfect place to do so. The vibe is totally relaxed, the food is consistently delicious, and the people and pup watching are unparalleled.  All you need to do is take a quick look around the patio to see how completely and totally dog friendly Petit Robert is.

Satchel is a big fan of brunch, as are his parents. Though the inside is off limits for our furry best friends, the outdoor space is large and very accommodating. The waiters are all quite comfortable with canine customers, often offering water, a friendly smile, and almost always a belly rub.

a photo of the owners of Onyva and at their feet is the one and only Satchel
Look how happy we all are, especially Satchel!

While your dog partakes in a dog-friendly treat, let’s not forget the human fare because this is the quintessential French bistro. The menu features all the classics, including escargots, coq au vin, and steak frites, as well as some more creative entries, like a niçoise taco, and, and vegan soup du jour.

Some of our favorites from the brunch menu include the potato waffle, seared French toast pudding, and of course, croque monsieur. Quiche of the day and fresh squeezed orange juice are almost always on the agenda, as are the fabulous breads and pastries.

Satchel is a bit lazy, so he truly appreciates the fact that no one ever rushes you out the door at this restaurant. Dogs and diners are encouraged to stay, sip a cappuccino, and watch the day go by. You may even have some leftover –still warm—baguette and butter.  And when you do decide to leave your cozy spot on the patio, you can head directly over to Carleton Court Dog Park, just a few blocks away, and let your pup run around for a while. After all, someone has to work off that crème brulee!