Onyva and Fairmont Copley Plaza’s Cori Copley: Community Partners

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Heading to a new city for a vacation or business visit can and should be fun. New restaurants to try, new parks to explore… the possibilities are endless. But depending on different factors, you might not be able to take your furry best friend with you, and that is no fun. 

Back Bay’s historic Fairmont Copley Plaza hotel not only allows dogs to be your “plus one” when checking in, but they also have a very fur friendly package, ensuring that “dogs big and small receive award-winning treatment the moment their paws step foot inside.” While other hotels in the area allow dogs,  Fairmont Copley Plaza is world-famous for their dog friendly amenities, including canine goodie bags for dog guests, a dog-friendly guide to Boston, and free Brush and Go’s at ONYVA!

And don’t worry, your pup won’t be the only pet around. As a part of their Canine Ambassador program, Cori, a 5 year old black Labrador adopted from the Guide Dog Foundation, can be found on playdates with other VIPS (Very Important Pups) from out of town, or helping her best friend–and Fairmont Copley Plaza concierge– Joe Fallon in the hotel’s stunning lobby. 

Photo of Cori Copley laying on a multicolored rug in the Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel. Photo credit: Zack Deus Photography
Photo Credit: Zack Deus Photography

Like her Canine Ambassador predecessors Carly Copley and Catie Copley, Cori is a busy and popular pup. Between greeting guests, zooming through Copley Square, and being the gorgeous pup influencer of her  — Cori needs to look her best and that’s where we come in. 

For Cori’s birthday on October 11th, she stopped by ONYVA for a birthday bath. As a community partner with Fairmont Copley Plaza, and a lover of our canine pals, we were thrilled to give Cori the ultimate pampering that she deserves. 

Visiting Boston or taking a staycation? When you book the hotel’s signature Fairmont Furiend Package you get all the perks of bringing your best friend along:

  • Free Brush and Go with ONYVA (hey, that’s us!) 
  • 10% off any additional ONYVA services
  • Curated dog-friendly guide to Boston
  • Room comforts for the stay (bed, water bowl)
  • Exclusive hotel-themed Boston Barkery Biscuit Box
  • 20% in-store discount to Boston Barkery
  • Cori Copley sticker
  • Photo feature of your dog on @CoriCopley’s Instagram Story
  • Meet-and-greet with Cori in the lobby, based on her availability
  • $10 USD donation to the Guide Dog Foundation, per night

And the Fairmont Copley Plaza proudly donates $10 per night to the wonderful Guide Dog Foundation that raised Cori until she came to the hotel. 

If you are interested in your pup receiving the star treatment too, you can always book an appointment with us for a number of our services including the ONYVA bath that Cori enjoyed. Our Brush & Go service is perfect for when time isn’t on your side, but you still want your best friend to look and feel great.

Book an ONYVA bath with us today!