an adult golden labrador sitting in tall grass and dandelions

10 Signs Your Dog is Overheated

Your gorgeous and freshly groomed pup is running around in the dog park. Frolicking with the best of them and...

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Photo of the patio in front of Petit Robert Bistro

One of Boston’s Best Dog Dining Spots: Petit Robert Bistro

Petit Robert Bistro, South End 80 COLUMBUS AVENUE, BOSTON, MA 02118 OPEN DAILY FROM 11 AM TO 10PM Spoiler...

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photo of a short-coated black and white dog laying on a beach with it's toy ball off to the side.

Summer Toys (and Must Haves) Every City Dog Will Love

Oh summer in the city! Boston is always a wonderful place, but the summer takes things to a whole new...

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a photo of a brown chow chow dog standing on a sidewalk

Got a Big Shedder? What to Expect This Summer

Your new reusable lint roller is already close to breaking because you’re using it so much. Between the fur on...

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photo of two puppies running joyfully toward the camera

How to Keep Your Puppy Safe This Summer: The Dog Park

One of the most exciting moments with your puppy is heading to the dog park. You’ve trained them well and...

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Yappier Hour at Liberty Hotel Boston

What a Dog Party!

Yes, it was an evening to remember. Yappier Hour in the Yard, Liberty Hotel, June 6th. Along with our incredible...

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