Puppy’s First Bath At Onyva

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a man holding a puppy

Getting into the bath and relaxing in a sea of lavender-scented bubbles is nothing but luxurious. It’s hard to imagine a bath not equating to automatic calm. But new little ones can find baths scary at first and that goes for all babies, even our cute dogs.  

At Onyva, we want your puppy to love getting clean from the very first day they enter our salon. That is why we created Onyva Puppy, a special package designed to minimize a puppy’s anxiety and boost their excitement at the prospect of their first bath.

Puppies need to learn that they are in a safe environment to cultivate that feeling. Starting them off with us in a professional setting will set them and yourself up for success. Their first bath could set the tone for a long time, so it’s important for them to have a great experience from the very first time they splash around in the bath. 

Timing Is Important:

If your puppy is younger than 8 weeks old, it’s recommended that you wait until they’re 8 weeks old before giving them their first bath. And it’s not until they’re 12 weeks that they should come in for a spa visit. Young puppies can’t regulate their body temperature as well as older dogs can. If it’s winter and you’re attempting to give them a bath, it could be disastrous for their health. 

Instead, you’ll want to sign up for the Onyva Puppy package so you can start the process and when it’s time your pup will be wagging their tail in excitement for their first bath. 

The package is designed in four segments to introduce your pup to the joy of regular grooming. With each visit, your pup is gradually exposed to the full range of our services, becoming more comfortable each time. 

The Onyva Puppy Package: 

Spa Day 1: Welcome to Onyva 

In a playful manner, your puppy gets exposure to being handled by someone new in a space full of strange smells and sounds. A fifteen minute visit filled with kisses and cuddles as well as sniffing around the tubs, tools, and grooming tables,

Spa Day 2: Brush & Fluff

The puppy’s first real grooming experience. The pup will be professionally handled on a grooming table and receive Onyva’s Brush & Fluff service where they are brushed and fluffed from nose to tail.

Spa Day 3: Boston Bath

The puppy receives their first bath and blowdry using shampoo especially formulated for a puppy’s baby fur. This gives the pup exposure to being handled in a bath and then on the table. They will also receive exposure to a blow dryer, often the most scary element of grooming for any dog.

Spa Day 4: Onyva Bath

The pup receives Onyva’s signature service. In addition to a wash and blow dry, the pup’s nails get trimmed and teeth get cleaned; paws, face, and sanitary areas get trimmed.

With the winter and snowy slush along every city sidewalk, it’s important to begin thinking of the bathing process for your pup. You don’t want them to be caked in dirt and full of tangled fur so soon at the start of their life. By planning ahead and booking your Onyva Puppy package, you’ll be setting up your puppy for a lifetime of good dog hygiene.