The Onyva Gallery’s Unique Artist-in-Residence Program

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From the beginning, we imagined Onyva as a special space. When the idea for a dog grooming salon first came to us in late 2020, we were living in a quiet, lonely COVID-19 world. The only time we ever saw other people was when we went out to walk our dog, Satchel. Satchel caused people to stop, look out over their masks, and talk to us. It became immediately clear that dogs, with their loving souls and drooly smiles, were community builders. Because Satchel needed (and seems to always need!) a bath, we knew getting dogs clean would be at the core of our new venture. But it also presented us with the opportunity to turn this basic necessity for dog owners into a chance for people to share time and experiences in a real — not just virtual — place.  

We began to envision a space that would encourage engagement, conversation, and creativity.  A space where community could come and feel uplifted and engaged, emerging not only with a delightfully clean and well-coiffed pet, but also with new ideas, information, friends. We also love art in all its forms: painting, photography, music,  literature (of course!), but also fashion, graffiti, candle-making, leather-craft, cooking, and definitely dog grooming. Creativity inspired us, and we thought others might feel the same way. So we designed Onyva to be a place where creativity, and community, would be nurtured. And we committed to that by setting aside a substantial portion of the shop for the display of art created by members of our community. 

The Onyva Gallery was born.

Each of the visual artists we commission has a unique story to share. Our joy in knowing these individuals and having the privilege to showcase their work has led us to think of them as crucial members of the Onyva family. As their art has a home on our walls, they themselves reside in our lives. They are — in every way — Artists-in-Residence.  

2023 Artists-in-Residence

Stephenie Young – Photography
Sophie Lindemann – Painting
Steven Watson – Photography
Stan Frankenthaler – Encaustic

And although we are developing our diverse art exhibitions as a rotating Artist-in-Residence program, there is a permanent group of artists in residence at Onyva as well: our unbelievably talented team of dog stylists, who are constantly striving to grow and perfect their grooming techniques, as well as the many remarkable craftspeople, designers, and makers, whose work fills our retail shelves. They are almost entirely members of the local community whose art (gorgeous dog clothing, sumptuous dog baked goods, intricately crafted leather leashes and collars, sublime candles) enriches the Onyva experience in myriad ways.  

Our goal is to continue to grow creatively and as a community. We encourage people (and dogs) to stop and smell the candles, feel the textiles, and most definitely enjoy the Onyva Gallery (added bonus: there are people treats and coffee at the end of the hall!). We will do our part by supporting local emerging creators in every possible way. You can do yours by spreading the word, buying beautiful things that are made right here in Boston, and coming to meet our Artists-in-Residence, learning about their art forms and their stories.

Want to be an Artist-in-Residence?

We’re delighted! Please email to explore collaboration and calendar availability.