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Onyva is ready to leave its mark on the Greater Boston area, known for its rich history, vibrant culture, and strong sense of community. With our flagship store already thriving on Newbury Street, Boston boasts a community of devoted and affluent dog owners, making it an ideal spot for franchisees who blend business know-how with a passion for pets. We’re on the lookout for individuals determined to transform pet care with innovation and heart. Explore the exciting opportunities in prime locations across Greater Boston below, from inner city to suburban areas.

Why Greater Boston?

About 429,000 households in Greater Boston – that’s 26% of the region’s total – have at least one dog, according to census data.

The MetroWest area boasts some of the highest median incomes in the nation, averaging above $200K.

Boston consistently ranks as one of the country’s most dog-friendly cities, with numerous parks and dog-friendly businesses.

Greater Boston's Best Locations for a Dog Grooming Franchise

Seaport District, Boston

The Seaport District presents a unique opportunity for Onyva to establish its presence in an area characterized by rapid development. With a bustling business district, this is the wealthiest area of Boston with the highest real estate values. Primary residents are empty nest boomers and young millennials – the two demographics most willing to spend freely on their pets.


Waterfront | High wealth | Up-and-coming | Food scene | New development | Industrial vibes


Known for its intellectual vibrancy and innovative spirit, Cambridge is a prime location for Onyva to expand. Home to world-renowned universities and a diverse, highly-educated population, this city attracts a young, professional demographic that values progressive and high-quality services.


Academic excellence | Innovation hub | Diverse | Young professionals | Cultural richness | Progressive


Newton offers an exceptional opportunity for Onyva to establish itself in a community known for its beautiful, affluent neighborhoods and family-friendly atmosphere. Recognized for its top-tier schools and strong community engagement, this suburb attracts a sophisticated, professional demographic.


Family-oriented | Suburban charm | Educational hub | Affluent | Green spaces | Community-focused


Wellesley provides a distinct opportunity for Onyva to make its mark in an area celebrated for its prestigious academic institutions and high-earning households. This affluent suburb, with its established and upscale neighborhoods, attracts a well-educated, professional demographic.


Upscale living | Academic prestige | High wealth | Suburban luxury | Well-educated | Community engagement

Open a Greater Boston Dog Grooming Franchise with Onyva!

In these areas, you’ll find affluent residents, hardworking professionals, and constant growth. Our dedication to quality service and ethical pet treatment makes us an ideal fit for these sophisticated communities.

Choosing to franchise with Onyva is more than just a business decision. It’s an opportunity to become a cornerstone in a community that cherishes pets as much as you do!

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