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Onyva is poised to thrive in Manhattan, where bustling streets are home to a diverse, passionate, and wealthy community of dog owners. We’re looking for franchisees who are not just business-savvy, but dog lovers at heart – individuals who are eager to make a difference in the world of pet care with a cutting-edge, compassionate approach. Read below to learn about just some of the attractive Manhattan neighborhoods for entrepreneurs looking to make their mark in the pet care industry.

Why Manhattan?

Manhattan is known for its affluent residents, with neighborhoods like Tribeca and the Upper East Side boasting some of the highest concentrations of wealth in the country.

Manhattan is considered one of the most dog-friendly cities in the county, boasting many dog parks and pet-friendly establishments, including luxury hotels and high-end boutiques.


New York’s dogs are among the most pampered in the country according to a Forbes Advisor survey, with 55% of participants spending more on their pets than on themselves.

Manhattan’s Best Locations for a Dog Grooming Franchise

Greenwich Village – SoHo

With a wealth of chic boutiques and galleries, Greenwich Village and SoHo are cultural hotspots for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Vibrant streets and dog-friendly spaces make this area perfect for residents who enjoy an upscale, active lifestyle with their pets.


Bohemian | Youthful | Artistic | Food scene | Art galleries | Designer boutiques | LGBTQIA+ activism | Fashion | Shopper’s paradise

Upper East Side

With its blend of traditional charm and modern luxury, the Upper East Side caters to those who lead an upscale lifestyle and extend the same level of care to their pets. With a wealthy demographic and high dog ownership rates, this is a prime area for a sophisticated grooming franchise.


Upscale | High wealth | Serene and sophisticated | Classic townhouses | Luxury high-rises | Central Park as a backyard | Designer boutiques

Tribeca & Battery Park City

The Tribeca-Battery Park City area blends sophistication with an artistic vibe, attracting a mix of affluent professionals and creatives. The abundant green space makes it an ideal spot for dog owners, and the demographic’s wealth offers a lucrative opportunity for an upscale grooming business.


Shopper’s paradise | Walker’s paradise | Quiet streets | Oceanside | Greenery | Favorite residential area for celebrities | Sophisticated but trendy

Upper West Side

Close to famous parks like Central Park and Riverside Park, the Upper West Side is one of the best places in Manhattan for pets. It’s a wealthy, family-friendly area, making it a great spot for a high-end dog grooming business.


Family-centric | Relaxed vibe | Sprawling artistic neighborhood | Cultural institutions | Pricey high-rises | Brownstones | Abundance of parks

Open a Manhattan Dog Grooming Franchise with Onyva!

These Manhattan neighborhoods offer a mix of affluent and professional demographics, high pet ownership rates, and a culture that values premium pet care services, making them ideal locations for a dog grooming salon that champions quality, ethical pet care.

Choosing to franchise with Onyva is more than just a business decision. It’s an opportunity to become a cornerstone in a community that cherishes pets as much as you do!

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