Onyva’s Franchise Process

Becoming Part of Onyva’s Future

Few things are more exciting than buying a new business. We are thrilled your search has brought you to Onyva. Thank you. We’re committed to doing all we can to make the process easy for you. We want to answer any questions you might have and help inform your decision making process.

So here we go…

Steps to becoming an Onyva Franchisee

Step 1

Complete the contact form and initial application online

Step 2

Introductory conversation

Step 3

Franchise disclosure document (FDD) review

Step 4

Financial assessment

Step 5

Discussions with Franchisor on what sets Onyva apart

Step 6

Validation calls

Step 7

Meet the team day

Step 8

Join the Onyva community by signing the franchise agreement

Complete the Contact Form

Start by filling out a contact form which lets us know who are and where you are located. Then, we’ll send you an application. The application allows you to provide us with more complete picture of you and opens the door to a meaningful dialogue with us about your future as an Onyva franchisee. The application should take you fifteen minutes to complete.

Assess Whether We’re a Good Match

All good relationships are about fit. Do we fit with you, and do you fit with us? Through honest conversation we’ll interview each other — vision, approach, goals —and decide whether we should move forward together.

Learn More with the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

Should our conversations go well, and we both want to move forward, we’ll forward you the FDD.

The FDD is the formal “Offer” to license an Onyva franchise. The FDD sets expectations and details our commitments to you including, but not limited to: pre-opening assistance, construction support, marketing, training, operating models, websites, Onyva Solutions (our proprietary integrated technology), and access to our vendor network. It also lays out the financial health of Onyva Franchising, informed by the earnings experience of our network of franchisees and affiliates. The FDD is the tool you need to begin meaningfully assessing the full scope of your potential investment.

[Please note: We strongly encourage you to consult your attorney, accountant and any other trusted advisor as you analyze the FDD and your investment with Onyva.]

Conduct a Financial Assessment

We want all our franchisees to succeed. While no franchise can guarantee success, we can help set you up for success based on all we’ve learned and the skills we have honed over our successful, ongoing Onyva experience. The first step is to assess your financial health and make sure you have the resources you need to start and run your Onyva Spa. It does no one any good to see a franchisee over-extended or forced to make operational compromises. So, after you have analyzed the FDD and decided to move forward, please submit the required financial information for our team’s analysis. Needless to say, everything is confidential.

Detailed Conversations with the Franchisor

So much about Onyva is new and unique that there is no way to cover it in one call. Thus, we have structured two very targeted calls in which we drill down on some the most important elements of Onyva and how they will aide you in successfully operating your Onyva spa. The first call is focused on Training and Operations. The second call is on Marketing and IT. Given that so many of our processes and are approaches are found nowhere else in the grooming industry, we feel that providing you the opportunity to learn about them in detail and ask important questions is the only fair and certainly necessary as you do your due diligence in making your significant investment.

Conduct Peer-to-Peer Calls

With FDD in hand, your questions will begin in earnest. For answers, we will share what we know, but will also connect you with several successful Onyva franchisees — people who have been in your shoes. These confidential conversations are a chance for you to ask questions, get candid answers, and gain an understanding of what it takes to open and run a successful Onyva spa. Feel free to ask about their experiences with actual operations and performance, and what it is like to have Onyva Franchising as a partner.

Immerse on Discovery Day

We are now in the home stretch, so let’s get together. We’ll welcome you at our headquarters and flagship spa in Boston. There, you’ll observe an Onyva spa in action and meet our leadership team. We also welcome all remaining questions. After spending the day together, you’ll have a great feel for Onyva: who we are, what we stand for and how we’re reinventing the future of grooming and pet care. At the end of the day you should absolutely know if Onyva is right for you.

Becoming Part of Onyva’s Future

Once we decide we’re right for each other, the final step is signing the Franchise Agreement. With it you formally and officially become a member of the Onyva community and the owner of your own business. You will have taken an exciting step toward moving yourself and the industry forward, and providing dogs with the dignity they deserve.

The journey begins, together.

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