Onyva Training and Support

Training and Support are Critical Priorities

Onyva knows just how important training and support are to the success of individual franchisees and, equally so, to the entire system. This is why training and support are such critical priorities.

Onyva Training

Onyva provides two distinct, and equally essential, types of training:


Training Tools for the Owner or the Operator of an Onyva Spa.

Examples of trainings include:

The Onyva Way

the foundation to operating an Onyva Spa; a common approach and language, a way of talking about the business that’s unique in the field and compelling to the market;

Enabling elevated customer service

how to manage customer relations, and build a clientele;

Marketing and selling Onyva services

through advertising, social media and events;

Training in proprietary Onyva technology

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), risk management

Financial management

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), risk management

Human resources

staffing models, recruiting, maintaining a great team

Technical Grooming Expertise

proprietary three tier training model for Skin and Coat Technicians;

Efficient Train-The-Trainer Model

proprietary three tier training model for Skin and Coat Technicians;

Spa Management

ordering and supplies, maintenance, sanitary practices;

Procedural Spa Workflows

keeping each service session on time —from intake to turn-back;

For Onyva, training is vital and ongoing. We anticipate and provide training as new members join your team, and offer refresher courses to keep skills sharp. Further, we’re committed to innovation, developing new and optimized strategies and techniques that our training team will share on a regular and ongoing basis.

Dog Safety

including dog CPR, first aid, and sensitive dog training (TLC care).

* Note: Each Onyva Spa directly employs, supervises and manages its own staff. Onyva Franchising, LLC plays no role involving franchisee Onyva Spa staff. Nor does Onyva Franchising make hiring or firing recommendations or determinations.

Onyva Support

One of the greatest benefits of being part of a franchise system such as Onyva, is the ability a franchisor has to assist at every turn. Our model is proven and we can help you implement it, even if you have little or no prior experience in a given area. At Onyva, we help. Here’s how:

Onyva Franchising Liaison

The Onyva Consultant will be your guide and dedicated resource from day one. This individual knows you and the intricacies of your business and is always available.

Onyva Buildout Team

Expert licensed professionals will make your buildout and opening as turnkey as possible: site selection, architecture, construction management, and general contractors are all included.

Pre-Opening Support

Your Onyva Consultant will help with vital pre-opening tasks: competitive analysis, licensing, purchasing furniture/fixtures/equipment (FFE), marketing. This consultant will be on-site at vital stages — your soft open, your grand opening and your initial days of operation — ensuring that things run smoothly. Regularly scheduled and on-demand meetings follow.

Online resources

An Onyva online library provides access to tools that help with every aspect of your Onyva Spa, including: operational and financial tools, training tools, HR tools — to name just a few.

Additional support, as needed

We’ll provide you periodic assistance in marketing, management, key supplier relationships and the operations of your Onyva Spa. Periodically we may offer services of our staff beyond your Onyva Consultant — members of the team with more specialized skills and expertise, such as our CFO.

National marketing fund

Dollars dedicated to raising Onyva’s profile and awareness in all markets where we operate.

Onyva conferences, regional and national

We facilitate and produce regional and national conferences where you can leverage our large network. These settings provide the opportunity for shared learning, access to vendors and state of the art products and equipment, and unique training.

This just scratches the surface of the support you’ll receive from Onyva Franchising. We provide the service you need to build and run a successful franchise, and we’ll be there every step of the way.

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