The Pet Industry

Pet Care: Growing Industry, Growing Opportunity

Pet care is inarguably one of the US’s fastest growing industries. A record number of people have dogs, and – more importantly – disposable dollars to spend on the favorite member of the family. In fact, 69% of pet parents “strongly agree” that their pets are important members of their family.

$275 billion

Pet industry yearly revenue by 2030


of households earning over $100k own dogs


dogs per household


of all households
(65.1 million) own dogs

Onyva provides pet-loving entrepreneurs the opportunity to fully and meaningfully enter this exploding market. We do this by providing dedicated pet parents a radically – and delightfully – different experience, significantly improving their life and the life of their dogs. After Onyva, there will be no going back to other groomers. The high-end service we offer attracts caring dog parents who want—and are prepared to devote their resources to—obtaining the best for their dogs. Once customers learn the health and hygiene benefits of proper skin and coat maintenance, and experience them first hand in their own homes, they are eager to make them part of their routine.

Clearly, the growing pet care space is compelling. This booming marketplace, coupled with Onyva’s vision to disrupt and reinvent the dog grooming experience, sets the brand and business up for success.

Two-thirds of U.S. households have at least one pet

pet industry bar chart

Total Pet Industry Spending ($bn)

pet industry spend by year

Adults aged 18-34 seem more willing to spend a relatively high portion of income on pets vs. older generations

pet industry bar comparison chart

*Source: AlphaWise, Morgan Stanley Research

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