Why Onyva

Welcome to Onyva’s community of savvy dog lovers and smart entrepreneurs.

Dog grooming is one of the fastest growing segments in one of the fastest growing industries, pet services. Reimagining the grooming business is long overdue, yet that is precisely what we are all about at Onyva. We are disrupting and remaking the dog grooming industry by putting the dignity of dogs—and their owners—at the core of our business model.

We’ve elevated the dog grooming experience from an unpleasant chore to a delightful ritual. Our sparkling clean spas, high-touch customer service, and progressive and ethical grooming practices maximize client engagement and ensure customer retention. By transforming the grooming experience, our clients to commit to regular skin and coat maintenance, enabling reliable revenue streams.

Owning an Onyva means access to proven model in a rapidly growing market, including: leading-edge grooming and training practices, game changing technology, progressive brand and marketing tools.

Onyva caters to modern consumer needs, and exceeds expectations:

We put our clients first — human and pup alike

Loyalty is driven by positive experiences that exceed expectations, and we do that at every turn, providing an uplifting, efficient, delightful grooming experience.

We honor the dignity of dogs

For pet parents, the dog is often the favorite member of the family. In contrast to unpleasant, often degrading grooming experiences, we celebrate and enhance dignity of dogs front and center.

We respect time-pressed consumer with busy lives

Time is the most precious resource for today’s consumer. Onyva’s expedient, expert services are both efficient and turnkey for consumers.

We are a delightful experience

We strive to make everything about Onyva delightful for our clients — from scheduling, to service, to events, to our warm and welcoming environment.

We leverage custom technology to provide ease

Our custom digital experience makes everything a pleasure, from scheduling, to communications, to thoughtful alerts when the pet is ready;

We’re an ethical, responsible business

We’re socially and environmentally conscious in all that we do. This matters more than ever to consumers, and it’s built into our core — what we stand for and how we operate.

We cultivate community

We bring together a community of likeminded dog lovers with events both outside of and within our beautiful space;

Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer

“Dogs make people smile. Whenever I take our dog, Satchel, out, people ask to pet him. He brings them joy. Merritt and I started Onyva to bring the delight that is so much a part of being a dog parent into the mundane and usually unpleasant chore of pet grooming. Onyva offers a clean, elevated, and humane experience that feels wonderful—and we have quickly developed a loyal and enthusiastic customer base. Expanding to the franchise market is the natural next step and builds upon the very real ways that Onyva intuits the needs of the market and addresses them with intelligence and compassion. I cannot wait to bring new franchisees into the Onyva fold; it is a genuinely inspiring place to be.”

— Lisa Mulman, Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer

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