Mission and Values

The Onyva Brand

Onyva is Delightfully Different Dog Grooming.

There is a better way to wash and groom dogs. Too often, the experience of grooming and cleaning dogs is inconvenient, messy, sometimes stinky. Onyva is a better way.

Onyva is different — a dramatically improved dog grooming experience.

Onyva is delightful — an elevated experience that matches the fundamental dignity of dogs —warm and welcoming, efficient, and easy, spotlessly clean. Dogs and humans alike look forward to Onyva appointments, and grooming is no longer a dreaded chore but a pleasant ritual.

Here’s more of what Onyva believes:

Dogs are essentially dignified and deserving of kindness and respect

Dog owners have a right to an elevated experience

Dogs that are clean and cared for are healthy and happy

Easy experiences are uplifting

Likeminded dog people crave community

We believe in the Dignity of Dogs

We believe that dogs embody noble qualities: loyalty, kindness, the capacity for unconditional love. Ever humble, they’re worthy of our respect for being entirely themselves, devoted to their humans, optimists at heart. There’s a lot we can learn from dogs, starting with an appreciation of pure joy and love.

Onyva believes deeply in the dignity of dogs and provides a way of caring them — of keeping them healthy and happy — that celebrates and enhances this dignity.

We believe in Elevating Expectations

The world of dog washing and grooming is in desperate need of reinvention — it’s messy, stinky, inconvenient, and stressful. Perhaps this is the status quo because it’s human nature to get used to things and accept them as they are, even if they’re unpleasant.

Getting clean is a joy — so why is it a chore?

Onyva is a better way — reinventing the dog grooming experience and, in so doing, elevating both expectations and outcomes — transforming a dreaded chore into a delightful experience for dog and human alike.

We believe that clean and cared for leads to health and happiness

While dogs don’t need to bathe as often as humans, dogs need more cleaning and grooming than you’d think. This is true regardless of breed and coat type.

There is a strong correlation between being clean and staying healthy — dog washing and tidying are proactive care measures and integral to dog wellness.

Onyva cares for dogs with washing and grooming customized to their needs. We also care for their humans by creating a relaxing, welcoming environment that respects their time and comfort.

We believe in creating ease that uplifts

A thoughtful, well-designed experience can change everything — and make the day better.

Onyva strives to provide a sense of ease at every moment of their experience: from booking, to drop-off, to waiting, to squeaky-clean reunion.

A clean dog is a simple joy in life — and that is what Onyva delivers.

We believe in fostering a community of likeminded Dog People

Dogs are the best, and dog people are the best people.

Dog people are laid back and balanced — just nice to be around. Perhaps they’re this way because they have a member of the family who provides unconditional love and loyalty. Importantly, dog people understand that dogs make life better in every way.

Dog people naturally gravitate to each other.

Onyva appeals to dog people and brings them together. We provide a gathering place — from our welcoming waiting area to our wine and cheese events, birthday parties, and educational partnerships—engendering connections and relationships that continue outside of the spa.

We believe in taking grooming from chore to ritual

Good habits are built, and they’re easier to build and embrace when they’re a pleasure.

Beyond neutralizing an unpleasant chore, Onyva strives to create delightful experiences and sensorial-driven results that will make it the best part of the week or the month — something dogs and humans look forward to.

For our customers Onyva is, at first, a surprisingly pleasant part of their routine, ultimately becoming a ritual they savor. When you say “Let’s go to Onyva” both dogs and their humans feel a sense of delight.

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