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The Onyva Difference:
The Future of Dog Grooming

Our Customer Service Difference

Onyva is Delightfully Different Dog Grooming — delivering exemplary customer service for our clients, both dog and human.

We believe in the dignity of dogs, and this core belief informs everything that we do, including:

  • Custom care plans based on breed needs and best practices;
  • Proprietary, high quality products formulated and selected for each dog’s unique skin and coat;
  • Compassionate grooming practices driven by each dog’s individual temperament and disposition;
  • Efficient proprietary software that manages grooming appointments with maximum efficiency, limiting stress on both dogs and dog owners;
  • Kind and ethical treatment of dogs at all times, never using drying kennels or pens.

We’re making a tangible difference in the world of dog grooming by offering an easy and enjoyable experience from beginning to end:

  • Respecting clients by providing easy online booking — with clear start and stop times and text updates so customers can plan their time effectively;
  • Delivering exceptional outcomes with multiple sets of eyes on each pup before they’re returned to their human, ensuring that the grooming delivers on customer expectations — satisfaction is guaranteed;
  • Providing a warm and welcoming environment for human customers to wait in comfort while dogs are being serviced, including WiFi, coffee, tea, cold beverages, and snacks;
  • Adding exquisitely curated retail for dogs and humans to explore – both our cutting-edge proprietary dog products as well as unique items for dogs and their people.

Onyva’s impact extends beyond the walls of our spa, providing benefits in the home and the larger community:

  • Regular grooming at Onyva keeps dogs clean and healthy, and helps keep their parents’ homes from smelling like dog, helps minimize the germs dogs bring in, and helps keep shedding to a minimum;
  • Hosting events for both clients and community — from dog care education (Doodle Night!) to pup fashion shows— fosters goodwill and meaningful connections;
  • Partnering with local likeminded businesses to support each other brings shared knowledge and mutual benefit to clients and community;

Receiving both new and regular customers with enthusiasm — and encouraging them to stay and chat — provides new opportunities for four and two-legged friendships.

The Onyva Franchisee Service Difference:

We treat our franchisees with as much care as our customers.

Onyva’s culture of exceptional customer service begins with the relationship between our family of franchisees and Onyva Franchising. Our franchisees are our first customers and receive the same extraordinary service they provide their own customers in their Onyva Spas.

From the day a new franchisee signs their Franchise Agreement through the entirety of our partnership, an Onyva Consultant— a dedicated member of our team— will be their personal counselor and advisor. We provide the support and guidance needed to succeed — adapting over time as your needs change. We understand that franchisee needs in year one are inherently different than they are in year five, and we are there every step of the way.

Here are the ways we prepare franchisees for success, from Day One


We facilitate every step of this formidable initial task, providing architectural and construction professionals;


We provide the tools that teach the Onyva Way – everything from how to maximize profits to understanding the nuances of our service. We will explain the difference between a nail clip and grind, and how to do both;


Drawing from our proven Onyva playbook, we provide guidance in how to design and arrange space, purchase tools and equipment, and organize grooming stations, ensuring that each Onyva spa is set up for profitability: efficient, inviting, productive and brand-right;


Franchisees hire their own staff, but we provide the resources and experiential knowledge that instills confidence to help them make the right decisions;


From brand assets to guidance on key communication channels —from social media, to PR, to neighborhood posters —we provide strategies, tactics and templates that amplify the brand;


The first months are critical, and we’re there to ensure that staff is fully trained with both online and on-site sessions that builds confidence and business;


Our suite of assessment tools gauge real-time operational performance and efficiency;


Whether training new staff, honing the skills of existing staff, or introducing new services and products, our robust training curriculum is easily accessed online and in person with options tailored to individual franchisee needs;


Our proprietary software is custom technology designed to create a seamless experience, end-to-end, assisting the franchisee in operations and customer management;


Above and beyond the core spa services, events cultivate community and engender loyalty — and we provide guidance on how to imagine and execute.

Now that you’ve learned about the Onyva Difference, let’s take the next step and connect.

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