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Onyva’s Delightfully Different Store Design

The Onyva Difference is evident the moment you walk through the door of an Onyva spa. Two things will strike you immediately:

It’s incredibly clean.

And not just clean for a dog groomer. No, it is as clean as an upscale human spa. We’ve found a way to keep it sparkling — a major point of difference.

It smells really good.

No wet dog smell. No dog smells at all. We’ve elevated the dog grooming experience for dogs and dog owners, and our Spas are infused with our signature scent which is fresh and unique.

Onyva’s squeaky clean experience elevates dog grooming and consistently exceeds customer expectations. We create an environment where both dog and human are comfortable hanging around, unlike the drop-and-run strategy inspired by the typical stinky dog groomer.

Our front-of-house space is designed to feel like a living room. Comfy couches, WIFI, books to read (dog inspired, of course) and a complimentary coffee/tea and snacks. Curated retail featuring unique items for dogs and humans.

We set out to build a dog-loving community and have created a space to do it. Our customers are like-minded dog people, happy to engage with each other and each other’s dogs. Coming to Onyva is a delightful treat— because we’re a rare breed.

The footprint of a typical Onyva Spa runs 1400- 1900 sq/ft, depending on the desired number of grooming stations. The wash room and dry/groom rooms are state of the art and pristine. There is fully integrated technology throughout to aid in grooming, communications, and cleaning. Each Spa has a branded Instagram photo station where clients on two and four legs take and share photos. Moisture mitigation is essential, and our HVAC system takes this into account, which is why it never smells like wet dog. The HVAC system also circulates our signature fragrance throughout the Spa, which is why it smells like, well, Onyva! In short, an Onyva Spa is as state of the art as it is warm and inviting — a space to enjoy and be proud of.

A Fully Facilitated Buildout

The Onyva buildout is truly turnkey. As an Onyva Franchisee you will be given a team of professionals to manage and execute all aspects of your buildout. These professionals will present you with a range of appropriate options; all you have to do is choose what’s right for you. The build-out team will do the rest.

One of the biggest benefits of an Onyva franchise is our Speed to Market. Our process expedites getting your Onyva Spa built to both yours and our specifications and high standards as quickly as possible, so you can begin doing business. Our goal is to make the construction process as streamlined for you as we can, so you can focus on building your team and preparing to open.

Site Selection

We’ll provide a team skilled in demographic analysis — armed with a profile of the prototypical Onyva consumer — to help you find the best spot for you Onyva Spa. Then real estate professionals will introduce you to available sites from which you choose your Spa’s location. The brokers then negotiate terms for you as your advocate.

Construction Management

We’ll provide a construction manager who will facilitate the entire construction project for you — coordinating architects, permitting, general contractors, engineers, etc. Construction managers will present you options, and you choose what works best for you.

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