Onyva’s Healthy Dog Membership

From: $110.00 / month

  • One ONYVA Bath
  • One Boston Bath
  • Unlimited:
    • Brush & Go Services
    • Nail Trimming
    • Teeth Brushing
  • Free Initial:
    • De-Matting  (Dog’s w/ Hair)*
    • Undercoat Treatment (Dogs w/ Fur)**
  • 10% Discount:
    • All Retail Purchases
    • Full-Body Clipping
  • Priority Scheduling

Initial Six Month Commitment Required. Automatic Monthly Renewal. 

De-Matting sessions necessary to get the dog’s coat free of mats at the onset of services such that their healthy skin & coat can be maintained throughout membership. All free initial de-matting sessions must take please within ten days of signing up for Membership.

** Undercoat Treatment followed by regular undercoat maintenance significantly reduces the amount of shedding.

(Prices are determined by the each dog’s weight and coat type)