dog getting a bath

The Onyva Bath

A deluxe bath using exclusive products designed for your dog’s unique skin and coat. In addition to bath and blow dry, this service includes trimming nails, paws, eye and sanitary area*, and cleaning teeth and ears.

*Sanitary trims are done according to breed standards. Double and triple coated breeds receive minimal trimming unless there is a sanitary problem or a specific request.

Full-Body Clipping Available

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Very helpful staff, extensive selection of all items. Staff helped me post-skunking of my two dogs...great resource for pets and their people!


Great local pet store. Staff are knowledgeable and helpful.


Very knowledgeable staff - they clearly care about your pet's well being.


A great place for all of your pet needs! All of the workers are knowledgeable and friendly. My dog loves going there!