Why Onyva

Because clean dogs are healthy dogs, and healthy dogs are happy dogs.

ONYVA is delightful dog grooming — an elevated, efficient, ethical brand that reimagines this messy chore, and turns it into the best part of your day. Your dog gets clean and pampered, and their humans can relax and recharge among a community of like-minded dog lovers. There is nothing like the pure joy of a clean pup. Rinse and repeat.

Dog on the dirty carpet
Dog on the walk

As we discovered with our own dog, Satchel, city dogs get dirty — really dirty.

Unlike suburban and rural dogs, who roll on fresh grass to get clean, urban dogs come in contact with surfaces with bacteria and chemicals. Boston dogs walk through dirty puddles, lick their paws, and then jump into bed with you. And while research has shown that urban dogs get just as much exercise as their suburban pals, almost all of that exercise takes place in dog parks where bacteria is particularly concentrated. Not to mention the snow, ice, and salt that accumulate on the paws, creating mats and irritation. All of these things pose significant dangers to the health of your dog and your family. (It’s also just gross!)

They can’t wait to get your dog clean – head to tail!

Studies have shown that regular, proactive bathing and grooming is an essential part of your dog’s health. Regular bathing — even weekly for many dogs — helps avoid extra vet visits. Healthy bathing with high-quality natural products designed specifically for your pet’s skin and coat is a smart, responsible practice. Onyva’s skin and coat technicians are dedicated professionals, trained through our own programs in the latest, healthiest, and kindest methods of dog care, including dog CPR and stress management.

Dog on sofa