The Opportunity

Onyva provides pet-loving entrepreneurs the opportunity to lead in the exploding pet services market.

Every once in a while, somebody looks critically at the most basic services – services which may have been delivered the same way for decades – and asks if it can be done better.  Lo and behold, an industry changes.  The dog grooming industry has taken incremental steps over the past several years.  For example, shampoos and conditioners have improved and now many groomers allow for online booking.  Small, but very important changes, to be sure.  But incremental.

What if you could own a business while being part of the team that others in the industry are looking at and saying “how did they do that?”  Every single aspect of operating a grooming spa has been examined and refined.  Everything.  All processes.  How data drives function.  How technology is incorporated.  How customers are treated.  How their expectations are met.  The WOW factor.  That’s what Onyva offers.

By being part of Onyva, you can be at the front of grooming’s transformation and prosper while doing so.  The growth in the numbers for both demand and revenue potential in the pet services industry are incredible and the trend is expected to continue.  Now imagine being a leader there.  Imagine being an owner of an Onyva spa.  The opportunity is tremendous.

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

“It’s exciting to be at the beginning of a movement – that’s where we are with Onyva. As a former franchisee in another industry, I know the wonderful connection that can exist between franchisees and franchisors. But in a mature system, the impact franchisees have can be harder to see. This is why I cannot wait to work with our early franchisees – because they will take Onyva’s ground-breaking formula and help refine it, impacting the lives of pet families, their communities, and the pet care industry overall. It sounds corny, but it’s 100% true. There are many wonderful franchises out there, but opportunities like Onyva don’t come around too often.”

— Merritt Mulman, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

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